Why is ChainPlanet the dark horse on the next Polygon (Matic) protocol?

Despite the initial appearance of the small bull market, there are constant voices of FUD in the entire encryption industry. Moreover, the performance of mainstream projects is not so dazzling. At the same time, the simplification of the income of these projects has made people anxious. The whole industry is looking forward to re-introducing some new systems or mechanisms to increase the value of people’s income!


A project called Chain Planet has emerged to try to solve this problem. Launched in October 2022, the protocol aims to design a mechanism that is linked to both staking returns and mining returns.

Why is ChainPlanet the dark horse on the next Polygon (Matic) protocol?

The ChainPlanet is an open source protocol based on the Polygon (Matic) protocol. The Chain Planet protocol is compatible with the main chain and can run independently.


You must know that MATIC can be said to be the most beautiful boy in the industry. Of course, it is also very powerful now. According to statistics, there are currently more than 410 projects in the Polygon ecosystem, among which games, NFT and DeFi projects dominate, including nearly 250 DeFi projects. , nearly 160 games and digital collectible items, and items in other categories. Under the fiery ecology, there is no shortage of undercurrents. However, there are very few projects that are really outstanding and can bring diversified benefits to users. Fanatical ecological development will inevitably require the support of several mainstay projects. It will be the next explosive point.


ChainPlanet adopts an innovative quantitative crowdfunding model and POH mining mechanism, crowdfunding produces Matic and mining produces Matic sidechain tokens to achieve sustainable value and circulation of Polygon and ChainPlanet!

Why is ChainPlanet the dark horse on the next Polygon (Matic) protocol?

MATIC Quantitative Crowdfunding

With the rapid development and countless well-known DeFi protocols on Polygon, pledge seems to be the only one, and Chain Planet adopts an innovative quantitative crowdfunding model. Unlike other systems, it can help users with its own original advantages Break out of this conventional way of earning.

Why is ChainPlanet the dark horse on the next Polygon (Matic) protocol?

Quantitative crowdfunding (stake profit)

MATIC Quantitative Crowdfunding proposed by Chain Planet is a new investment method based on quantitative investment strategies. This investment method adopts the latest developments in modern financial technology, including big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning and other technologies, to conduct in-depth comprehensive analysis and prediction of the market, and to formulate the optimal investment decision-making plan. Compared with other investment methods, MATIC quantitative crowdfunding has a higher rate of return and stronger risk control capabilities, and can provide investors with a more reliable and efficient investment experience. In addition, MATIC quantitative crowdfunding does not require individual investors to participate in investment decisions, so it can save investors a lot of time and energy, allowing them to focus more on their investment goals.


In general, MATIC Quantitative Crowdfunding provides investors with an efficient, reliable, and low-risk investment option.

Why is ChainPlanet the dark horse on the next Polygon (Matic) protocol?

ChainPlanet-POH mining mechanism


The POH mining mechanism adopted by Chain Planet is a way to motivate users to participate in governance and community building. Users who hold Matic can obtain additional Matic sidechain token income through pledge mining. These income can be used to participate in Matic’s governance, such as voting and proposals, and can also be used for community building, such as supporting developers and volunteers to carry out projects. In this way, Matic’s ecosystem can realize the output and circulation of value, and at the same time enhance the cohesion and cooperation spirit of the community, making outstanding contributions to the development of Polygon (Matic) ecology.


Similarly, users who hold Matic sidechain tokens can obtain multiple Holders rights such as airdrop rewards for other ecological projects through their pledge and transactions.


The POH mining mechanism of the chain planet also helps to promote the liquidity between the main chain and the side chain. Since there are a variety of tokens on the Matic sidechain, users holding Matic can obtain tokens on the sidechain through pledge mining, thereby promoting the circulation of these tokens. This will also help expand the scope and influence of the Matic ecosystem, further enhancing the value of the ecosystem.


The POH mining mechanism of the chain planet also adopts a system called “mortgage token” (Locked Token), which locks the token in the account and can only be unlocked after the pledge mining is completed. This system helps to ensure the safety and stability of the Matic ecosystem and prevents tokens from showing signs of crashing and fleeing quickly.


In general, the POH mining mechanism of Chain Planet provides a way for users holding Matic tokens to actively participate in governance and community building, while also helping to promote liquidity and ecology between the main chain and side chains The value output and circulation of the system, Chain Planet is one of the few ecological leaders of Polygon (Matic).


In addition to its amazing technology debut, ChainPlanet has also won the favor of world-renowned institutions, led by Antler Capital, Digital Hills Capital, and July Capital, and reached an important strategic partnership.


Nowadays, diversified income has gradually become an inevitable trend in the future development of the encryption industry. The Chain Planet protocol is trying to solve an ambitious problem with its unique design and incentives. This is a brand new solution that provides huge liquidity for the entire ecosystem. Its mechanics are clearly superior, and it’s also been a huge success in attracting a fast-growing and fanatical community.


We believe that with the continuous development and improvement of the ChainPlanet ecosystem, it will bring more possibilities to the Polygon (Matic) ecology and even the field of digital assets!