DAO Global Community Joint Tour Launches, DAO Global Relaunch!

Following the DAO relaunch conference in London, UK on 23 February, the DAO Union launched a joint tour in major communities around the world to tell the story of DAO and find more promoters to join the DAO promotion programme together and become DAO contributors to create and share, build and win together!

DAO Global Community Joint Tour Launches, DAO Global Relaunch!

“Why should we participate in DAO?” DAO Global Community Tour – Community meeting in Frankfurt, Germany

On the 27th of February, a community salon meeting on the theme “Why should we participate in DAO” was held in the DAO Union community in Frankfurt, Germany. Community representative Jerry said, “DAO is the next trend of the times and we all should have the right to participate fairly, the relaunch of DAO is not only to commemorate TheDAO 2016, but also to give everyone a fairer opportunity to participate. “.


“How can I get involved in the DAO relaunch?” DAO Global Community Joint Tour – Community Meeting in Osaka, Japan

Then, on March 4, DAO Union Japan Osaka Community also conducted a DAO promotion event, when talking about how to participate in the DAO relaunch, community representative Mr. Nakamura introduced “This DAO relaunch is conducted by smart contract, open and transparent, all people have equal opportunity to participate, at the official launch of DAPP, we can all freely mint NFT, then At the official launch of the DAPP, we are all free to mint NFT and then map it into DAONFT and then pledge LP, so that we can get the DAO reward, the whole reward is divided into four stages to complete, decreasing one by one until all of them are mined. It is worth noting that the minted NFT can be burned and destroyed at any time to obtain a refund of the minting fee (out service fee of 10%), all rules are contractually written, fair and open, all DAO can also only be obtained by pledging mining, there is no pre-mining or private placement, and there is a lot of room for appreciation.”


“DAO in my eyes” DAO global community joint tour – London UK community meeting

After the relaunch conference, due to the enthusiasm of the community, the DAO Union UK London community held several more salon sessions to talk about DAO, during which Abs said: “In the future, DAO will go deeper into all areas, in my opinion, DAO will channel the current centralised governance mechanism, the relaunch of DAO will describe a world of DAO including Defi2.0, Gamefi, socialfi, metaverse and many other ecologies. socialfi, metaverse and many other ecologies, the time of DAO has come.”


According to our understanding, there are also several DAO Union communities around the world are actively promoting the DAO relaunch plan, for example, the DAO Union China community is actively preparing the [Bu DAO plan], which has been adopted and will be officially launched in the near future, please pay attention to the latest notice from DAO Union communities around the world for detailed rules.

DAO Global Community Joint Tour Launches, DAO Global Relaunch!

The DAO era has arrived, and the DAO Alliance’s relaunch of DAO will surely be a brand new legendary story long ago!

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