Wan Wu Chao Sheng and Artist Chunren Jointly issue NFT Digital Art, Helping the Creator Economy

My artistic view is that my creation must spread “truth, goodness and beauty”. I want it to be full of “innocence” and “empathy” because those bring people heartfelt fulfillment.

–Famous artist Chunren

Wan Wu Chao Sheng and Artist Chunren Jointly issue NFT Digital Art, Helping the Creator Economy

The Internet, which was born in 1969, has been changing the world around us, and has opened up a new era of creator economy. Everyone can become a creator and upload their own content through the Internet. In the past two decades, the Internet has maintained rapid development, and Web2 content platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram have risen rapidly, allowing creators not only to express themselves, but also to obtain corresponding economic benefits through advertising and other means. However, in the Web2 era, the mechanism of the current content platform can only meet some of the demands of the top creators, and there is constant friction between the platform and the creators. At the same time, compared to the platform, creators become a disadvantaged group, and the platform can delete and modify the creator’s content and change the creator’s way of income and proportion.

Can creators, content platforms, and supporters have a more optimized interactive relationship?

Wan Wu Chao Sheng and Artist Chunren Jointly issue NFT Digital Art, Helping the Creator Economy

The arrival of the Web3 era has brought us new answers.

The application of crypto technology endows digital content with scarcity. As digital assets, digital content has an identity, and users can verify their ownership and authenticity of it at low cost. Based on this feature, NFT digital artworks can be freely traded. In addition to generating love, fans can also benefit economically the same as creators from their works. Based on this revolutionary change, fans are therefore not onlyaudiences, but partners that can generate greater success to their favorite digital art. They can therefore benefit in the progress, which is nothing short of an epoch-making change.

Wanwuchaosheng is a technology company that empowers the cultural and creative industry with technology. With a deep understanding of the cultural and creative industry, science and technology, and consumer industry, our team unites with global trend element creators, trend operators, channel sales, and top technology companies to provide global consumers with new experience and servicein metaverse ecology built by us. We are connecting the physical world and the digital world, making the dream come true. Having faith that the science and technology will continue to promote the transformation of commercial civilization and society, we, as an NFT digital art brand, hopes to serve creators and empower IP. We want to provide consumers with excellent digital artworkusing NFT digital art technology and make it so convenient. We want to push the creator economy towards a better future, and make the world so cool!

Today, we are releasing the “Little Devil NABI” NFTtogether with Chunren on Opensea, the world’s largest NFT trading platform on March 11, 2022. This is Chunren’s first NFT work, a manifesto of the digital art world.

Wan Wu Chao Sheng and Artist Chunren Jointly issue NFT Digital Art, Helping the Creator Economy

Little Devil NABI is a nasty little green devil with peach-pink hair inspired by the artist’s love for jewelry. The artist himself is a fan of jewelry. Among major jewelry brands, the little devil series is synonymous of fashion. Almost all the major brands have accessories that are inspired by little devils. Taking the fashion as its entering point, the little devil is a cute, rebellious, trendy image of youth in the heart of the artist.

As a typical well-known young artist of the new generation, Chunren graduated from Public Art department of China Academy of Art. He is a trendy visual artist who has been in Zhuantang, Hangzhou. He is known as “Zuantang Jolin Cai “. His painting style is very colorful, complex and imaginative, combined with eastern and western subjects, which is very mysterious and fantastic. His works have been exhibited at the V&A Museum in London, the world’s largest decorative art museum, and many premium idol stars have also put on clothes that has his works on it.

Talking about the artist’s style, Chunren said: “The artist’s style is like being hit hard on the head with a mallet, the skull is cracked, and the soul comes out. My style issomeone hitting by so many ideas at the same time, vivid and beautiful, like the pink bubbles, like romance of teenage girls.”

The tide produces all things. The NFT chemical reaction of Chunren and Wanchao will add a new color to the world, let’s wait and see when the moment comes.

Wan Wu Chao Sheng and Artist Chunren Jointly issue NFT Digital Art, Helping the Creator Economy