Blockbuster | MBUS Swap platform certificate MSS will shock online

According to the official news: MBUS Swap will be on July 29,20:30 (Beijing GMT + 8), July 29,8:30 (Canada GMT-4) officially launched MBUSSwap platform pass MSS, then welcome all blockchain lovers to MBUSSwap asset trading, MBUS Swap will launch more high-quality digital assets, to provide users with efficient, reliable and decentralized exchange of digital assets platform.

Blockbuster | MBUS Swap platform certificate MSS will shock online

In the world of converged DEX, welcome to MBUS Swap!

MBUS Swap is founded by MBUS Lab and Canadian First Block Capital (hereinafter referred to as FBC), BLOCKCHAIN CAPITAL block chain capital jointly launched many investment institutions, built on the BSC based on Web3.0 core technology, chain technology, social encryption social, encryption wallet, cryptocurrency transactions, NFT casting and trading, the universe ecology, block chain games and DAO community autonomy of decentralized integrated aggregation trading platform.

MBUS Swap helps the two parties to exchange their own digital assets. Meanwhile, users can realize asset transfer between multiple chains on BSC, Tron and other chains, providing users with multi-chain asset exchange requirements. It will serve most of the global users who support digital asset trading, aiming to help people with a secure, reliable, and decentralized exchange of digital assets. At the same time, MBUS Swap will use blockchain encryption technology, and based on DAO sharing, a series of key Web 3.0 functions into practical applications, and is committed to build the world’s leading decentralized aggregation trading platform.

Blockbuster | MBUS Swap platform certificate MSS will shock online

Why is MBUS Swap bullish on the converged DEX track?

Early blockchain provided decentralized services and storage of value. Today, we can still see a lack of privacy and poor interoperability and scalability on many exchanges. As we all know, the most important value of DeFi compared to traditional finance is not licensing and censorship. However, the current DeFi also lacks privacy guarantees.

DeFi highlights its privacy issues:

Limited by the consensus agreement of the underlying public chain, the current decentralized exchanges will leak the addresses of the users participating in the transaction, and there are privacy problems of transparent address and positioning traceability. Current research shows that user addresses can only provide false anonymity rather than truly protect user privacy, and that commercial competitors or malicious Internet users can complete the mapping between user identity and address through transaction map analysis. What’s more deadly, the information on the blockchain will be permanently preserved, and the cost of a leak of user privacy will be permanent.

Predictably, privacy finance will be one of the next hot developments. Privacy is always a basic requirement for protecting users and expanding the use of cryptocurrencies. It is also considered as one of the important directions of the aggregation of DEX, and it is also the most promising track for MBUS Swap.

Blockbuster | MBUS Swap platform certificate MSS will shock online

MBUS Swap’s ecological layout, Swap + SocialFi + NFT + encrypted wallet + metaverse + DAO + GameFi

MBUS Swap adopts DAO architecture, have liquidity on its product form mining, revenue aggregator, transaction aggregation, encryption wallet, decentralized social, NFT ecology, Swap, the universe, chain, such as product form, can meet the needs of users and funds, and help users to realize the privacy data security, community rewards, data asset value to return to the individual.

What are the advantages of the MBUS Swap?

Platform advantage

MBUS Swap as a decentralized ecosystem, completely supported by transparent decentralized system its management architecture, the system of all decisions are based on the holder’s referendum decision, all technology updates by the technology community, this completely decentralized management system will avoid the disadvantages of traditional centralized management, for centralized management, specialization, tamper with data and alone decision-making group to provides excellent solutions.

 market superiority;market advantage

As a decentralized trading ecosystem, MBUS Swap is equipped with different functions and technologies, and users can freely manage funds and effectively manage funds to a certain extent.

 ecological dominancy

MBUS Swap uses smart contract to run, which is completely decentralized. All the behaviors of the platform are carried out through the smart contract chain, without middleman, realizing on-chain transactions is more secure.


Blockbuster | MBUS Swap platform certificate MSS will shock online



DEX will be one of the next hot developments in the field of blockchain encryption, and converged DEX is its application trend. The rapid development of MBUS Swap provides a good example of converged DEX. Therefore, both the development of the MBUS Swap project itself and the value of its DEX are very expected in the future. Let’s wait and see together!

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