Ordistar—the world’s first celebrity inscription exchange

Singapore City, 01-15-2024 – Ordistar, a company dedicated to promoting the integration of art and blockchain technology, today announced the official launch of its new inscription application platform on the 22nd-25th of this month. The launch of this innovative platform marks the in-depth integration of art and technology, providing a new interactive experience for art fans and artists.

Ordistar’s inscription application platform is based on the blockchain technology of Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and is committed to creating a safe, trustworthy, and highly interactive art exchange ecosystem. Through this platform, users can express their support and love for their favorite artists through inscriptions.

This online platform has received support from many well-known artists and leagues, including Michael Owen, Manny Pacquiao, and LALIGA EA SPORTS. They will participate in this artistic revolution together with fans. Each inscription has a unique value and represents the fans’ deep love for the artist.

The founder of Ordistar said: “Our goal is to break the traditional way of artistic expression and make art no longer out of reach. Through blockchain technology, we hope to build a global art community that allows every user to All have the opportunity to participate in artistic creation and interact more closely with their favorite artists.”

Ordistar’s new platform will strive to create an open, active, and creative art community through continuous innovation and improvement of user experience. With the creation and exchange of inscriptions, Ordistar is expected to usher in a new era of digital art at the intersection of art and technology.