Starfire Community launches shib to zero programme in collaboration with a number of renowned organisations

Blockchain is popular for its unique decentralised, traceable and tamper-proof features. In recent years, with the continuous maturity, development and landing of the technology, it has also ushered in high-speed development and the heat continues to rise. Blockchain as an innovative and revolutionary technology is also bound to create unlimited potential and opportunities for the industry, gradually becoming a hot and deserved investment favourite in the industrial circle. Along with Musk’s moon plan, in order to add new colours to the dog coin family, the dog lovers around the world jointly initiated, the Starfire community undertook and jointly launched a number of well-known institutions, KOL, media, shib to zero plan. Strive to shib within two years into a set of transactions and payments, pledge mining, charity, chain tour, mall and other multi-ecological, multi-scene application of token and make unremitting efforts! 25 September this glorious and brilliant moment, we witnessed the world together! The community vision is highly compatible with the project to provide a highly scalable, open and autonomous operating environment for Web3 applications. The cooperation between Starfire Community and shib is an important milestone on the road of Defi’s development, jointly promoting the changes of this era and continuously exploring in several key technology areas! Always taking multi-chain interconnection as its core mission, it is committed to promoting the construction of its multi-chain ecosystem, utilising the powerful functions of parallel chain and cross-chain messaging to depict a more open, diversified and efficient Web 3.0 blockchain world for shib’s innovative development direction. shib’s technological direction and development vision have already attracted the investment and support of a large number of investment institutions. Led by the innovative development direction of Starfire Community, it will further enhance its position in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, while providing more value and convenience to users. Looking ahead, we expect to see more excellent projects enter the multi-chain world through the shib ecosystem, and work together to push forward the arrival of Web 3.0, and innovate to change the future!