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    According to official sources, T-power, Japan’s largest AV copyright owner, has announced that it will soon begin creating and releasing NFT copies of SONA and enter into a deal with SONA coinage. Starpunk operating NFT Alliance (SONA) is a decentralized and autonomous organization (Dao) platform, audited by the Soken  , and is the heavyweight blockchain authority that audits OpenSea. The no preorder, no private offering by the Geek Coalition of America is the NFT Super Cross chain token, backed by the Andreessen Horowitz Foundation. NETWORK1 aims to connect blockchain/NFT game…

    Business 10/12/2021
  • Dubbed the Next Unicorn, zkTube Launches its Mainnet

    zkTube is the most advanced scaling solution on Ethereum Layer 2. It has adopted ZK-Rollups that run computations off-chain and submit the validity proof to chain to provide low gas fees, higher transaction throughput for Ethereum, mainnet security, and extra privacy. It has gathered a lot of attention from over 80 countries since its launch in 2020.  And the mainnet will be launched on 10th, September, 2021. zkTube Mining Mechanism is Launched zkTube team is continuously working and achieving several milestones. The zkTube mining mechanism has launched. zkTube is the only…

  • SIGNAL, the Blockchain for 5G Network

    SIGNAL has designed a blockchain around a self-verifying network of gateways that  provides message provenance, microtransactions, and open access to anyone. A  technology that uses blockchains and tokens to incentivize user and businesses to  run 5G version of its network.   It is expected to meet the needs of high throughput and serve complex,  decentralized, high-performance 5G inter-connectivity, creating environments that  will enable the next era of technological innovation, products, and services — the  Internet of Things (IoT), Smart Cities, Smart Manufacturing, Cloud VR/AR, and  Healthcare.   Besides that, SIGNAL…

    Business 08/24/2021
  • OEC (OKEXChain)’s first NFT asset aggregation platform Dematrix will be launched on the mainnet soon

    The official opening of the third phase of OKEXChain has opened a new era of DeFi ecology, which is good news for everyone in the blockchain world. OKExChain is the world’s first transaction chain-a blockchain technology infrastructure built for transactions. Through the development of “blockchain middleware” and operational support for transaction scenarios, it reduces the development costs of application developers and improves users’ Trading experience. As an open public chain ecology, anyone can campaign to become an OKExChain super node, or they can issue their own digital assets, create their…

  • HOKK Cup – LBank Arena of Valor Competition

    [Arena of Valor] The glorious horn blares in this hot July, waiting for the brave warriors to answer its call!   No battle, no youth! Hosted by LBank and title sponsored by Hokkaidu Inu (HOKK Finance), the first HOKK Cup – LBank Arena of Valor Competition is about to start fighting with warmly sponsorship supporting from DeFi STOA, Gorilla Diamond,  Kaka NFT World,DFG,CDI,Basics Capital and LBank loud. This highly anticipated competition has also attracted lots of strategic media partners like Golden Finance, ChainNews, ODaily Vernacular Blockchain, Deep Chain Finance, Chain to Finance, and Ostrich Blockchain, etc. In this hot July,…

  • AI screening mechanism? Future? A dream? Maybe it can come together! A meta-universe may be facilitated? NFT Frenzy! Connecting reality! !

    Source Origin Coin, a group of coins built by enthusiasts and tech junkies. What the future looks like, we can’t be sure, but now we can start exploring!   The virtual world has been positioned in a way that is not recognised by most in the real world, including admittedly the leading virtual coin world, Bitcoin. Source hopes that it can dovetail the virtual world with the real world and change this through its own special mechanism and philosophy. To contribute to the promotion and popularity of the virtual world….

  • Carbon Pathfinder KAU is available for global subscription, come and participate!

    In order to improve the quality of global environmental protection, drive the combination of blockchain technology + environmental protection, and establish a unified global carbon policy and carbon market, the Ministry of Environmental Protection of South Korea and the International Environmental Protection Organization (WWF), Singapore, the United States, Australia, France, etc. jointly initiated the establishment The main body of carbon emission operation, launched the carbon pather KAU, a global ecological civilization construction system that uses blockchain technology to solve the pain points of the current environmental protection and health industry….

  • Longbow Capital led a $5 million funding round for Modern, a Canadian blockchain project.

    Modern, a distributed mobile network transmission protocol based on blockchain +5G, has announced the start of its financing plan, according to the company’s official announcement. Longbow Capital, a Canadian private equity firm, will lead the financing, which is expected to raise $5 million, according to a number of leaks. Longbow Capital is a private equity investment management firm that invests in the energy and technology sector. It focuses on companies that help bring energy to the world in the most efficient, cost effective and environmentally responsible way. The company was…

  • SYW Coin Launching Mainnet, Realizing Global Circulation

    Recently, something great happened within blockchain network. SYW coin completed the deployment on the ETH public chain and successfully launched the mainnet. This means that SYW has successfully realized global circulation and can be transferred in any blockchain networks. From now on, global investors can freely purchase or sell SYW coins. As a blockchain 2.0 application network, ETH’s related ecology has attracted the attention of many blockchain users and cryptocurrency owners. Ethereum holds the vast majority ofr DeFi protocols and stable coins. Due to its characteristics of having stable network…

    Business 05/26/2021