Fintoch Released Year-round Plan for Roadshow in Pan Asia Pacific

As William the COO of Fintoch raised his hand overhead and claimed “Fintoch, yes!” on stage, we see a blockchain financial platform arise in this bear market to strengthen the binding bonds to protect investors’ rights and facilitate the further development of DeFi.


On November 13, the first stop of Fintoch’s roadshow series officially began in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This Asia Pacific Official Launch Conference was held at Hotel Seri Malaysia Genting, which had a prolific three-day schedule. The goal of Fintoch’s roadshow is to spread Fintoch’s financial public chain and concept globally.

Fintoch Released Year-round Plan for Roadshow in Pan Asia Pacific

Fintoch is an innovative blockchain financial platform built by Morgan DF Fintoch, a Silicon Valley company from America. It is dedicated to breaking through the dilemma of traditional finance and making up for the shortcomings brought by decentralization. Fintoch provides diversified financial services such as lending, investment, and borrowing.

Fintoch Released Year-round Plan for Roadshow in Pan Asia Pacific

In order to achieve truly decentralized transactions, Fintoch has developed a blockchain technology that combines multiple signatures and zero-knowledge proof called “HyBriid”, which greatly promotes the development of blockchain security technology. This technology breakthrough has also won Fintoch the DeFi Technology Contribution of the Year Award in 2021.




Not so long ago, on Oct.28, Fintoch has just successfully organized a Hackathon Launch Event in Los Angeles, California. The event has attracted over 100 investors and crypto enthusiasts alike.


Looking forward to the future, Fintoch has an important plan for the end of this year, which is the internal testing of the Fintoch financial public chain, enabling community members to get a first-hand experience of the convenience of the public chain. Fintoch public chain naturally supports cross-chain, payment and other basic functions.



In addition, Fintoch will also conduct a global roadshow of the public chain to showcase our achievements to the world. The roadshow will not only present its current core technology Hybriid, but also update the audience on the public chain’s internal testing result. The roadshow series hope to emphasize that technology is changing people’s lives, and the people are changing the world with technology.



An exciting journey for the roadshow is planned as follow:

  • Decenber, 2022 at Bangkok, Thailand;
  • January 2023 at Bali, Indonesia;
  • Feburary 2023 at Nha Trang, Vietnam;
  • March 2023 at New Dehli, India;
  • April 2023 at Jeju Island, South Korea
  • May 2023 at Dubai;
  • June 2023 at Tokyo, Japan;
  • July 2023 at Singapore – an Asia Pacific Anniversary Conference

Fintoch Released Year-round Plan for Roadshow in Pan Asia Pacific

Fintoch hopes that each following roadshow will be grander and more successful than the first one in Malaysia. It hopes to plant a sense of confidence in the believer of DeFi that the technology developed by the Fintoch team will bring users closer to DeFi 2.0.




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