UP-Meta, an innovative metaverse financial protocol dedicated to building a Web 3.0 world

UP-Meta, an innovative metaverse financial protocol dedicated to building a Web 3.0 world

UP-Meta (UP) is the first innovative metaverse financial protocol that combines the advantages of NFT and is dedicated to building a Web3.0 world, making pledged earnings easier and more efficient and using the protocol to enhance the equity liquidity of NFT.

Mission: UP-Meta’s mission is to build a perfect meta-universe financial protocol in the web3 world.

UP: UP is built on the BSC chain (BEP-20) token, which automatically pays passive interest every 5 minutes. This means that by holding only $UP in your wallet, you are earning compound interest every moment without any action.

UP-Meta, an innovative metaverse financial protocol dedicated to building a Web 3.0 world

UP-Meta rewards users with its unique and sustainable fixed interest rate. Users simply purchase UP and place it in their wallet to automatically receive a return on the value of UP every 5 minutes, no collateral, no collection, everything is automated by a smart contract. the annualized return on UP is 7,402.78%, scientifically calculated and compounded, and backed by UP-Meta’s seed funding. Assuming an investment of $10,000 $UP today, it will earn $7746526.901 $UP in 365 days, realizing upwards of 70 times the value of your wealth without taking into account price increases.

After several years of development, DeFi has transitioned from 1.0, 2.0 to today’s 3.0. The advent of DeFi 3.0 has revolutionized the investment process and swept the blockchain solution. A major shift from DeFi 1.0 to DeFi 3.0 is the shift in focus to lower risk and higher yield solutions. And with another ride on the future carrier that is Metaverse, the Metaverse Financial Protocol UP-Meta was born!

UP-Meta, the representative product of DeFi + Metaverse, also played its part by launching a product that can provide a constant stream of returns throughout the day. In DeFi, we need to add LPs manually in order to get rewards. But UP-Meta requires only one action to put our UP tokens in the wallet, and then we can get compound rewards in the wallet, which greatly reduces our time cost and learning cost. good models must be easy to replicate and easy to operate only then can more people participate. UP-Meta offers a return on investment after every 5 minutes, i.e. 288 times a day; totaling a fixed APY of up to 7,402.78%.


I. Advantages of UP-Meta

An easy and safe way to get returns. When you buy $UP, it is automatically pledged and compounded in your wallet, so you don’t have to transfer tokens to our site or collect your earnings manually. From the moment you purchase $UP, all you have to do is wait for the $UP reward. Buying $UP is the easiest way to get a return on your DeFi investment.

$UP earns a super high fixed APY on the blockchain. As TVL increases, the APY of almost all DeFi projects is rapidly decreasing, which means you will get less and less tokens. $UP-Meta project pays $1.19% fixed interest per day to $UP holders, which translates to 7,402.78% compounded annually and is the most perfect representation in the industry. It is not a bubble that will create excess, unlike other projects with super high APY and severe inflation, which will create a huge bubble and cause the token not to keep going up.

UP-Meta, an innovative metaverse financial protocol dedicated to building a Web 3.0 world

Fast interest payment, UP-Meta pays rewards to each $UP token holder every 5 minutes, i.e. 288 times a day, making it the fastest automatic compounding protocol in cryptocurrency.


II. UP-Meta’s Highlights

Up to 7,402.78% fixed annualized return, automatic pledge and compounding every 5 minutes in the wallet, 77.5% of the sale (16% commission) goes into the bonus pool, only NFT holders can get bonus pool dividends, regardless of Zhang’s fall in perpetuity, the code contract is audited by Certik, the world’s most authoritative security auditing company, safe and secure!


Unlike centralized, opaque, and rigid traditional organizations, we believe DAOs represent a better way to coordinate humanity. DAOs often represent fluid membership, voting-based decision-making, and transparency of information, rather than rigid power structures and opaque decision-making processes. DAOs rely on holder rights and social processes to help manage membership that meet the unique needs of their communities, the decision making and finances. As decentralization, inclusivity and collaboration permeate the way DAOs typically operate, this creates consistency in incentives and prevents the centralization of power that plagues more traditional organizations.


DeFi is about creating an open source, license-free, transparent financial services ecosystem. This ecosystem is open to all and operates without any central authority. It gives you control and visibility into your money. It gives you access to global markets and alternatives to local currency or banking options. DeFi products open financial services to anyone with an Internet connection, and they are primarily owned and maintained by users.


III. Summary  

UP-Meta was created with the aim of creating a blockchain-based world, managed by all UP-Meta participants. At the same time, through the long-term effective compounding mechanism and the governance of DAO, to realize that each participant can make their own future full of hope, we hope that everyone on earth can join UP-Meta. be the first natives to become rich in the metaverse world!


The official website of UP-Meta is now online and IDO will start soon. For a detailed development roadmap, please refer to the following.

IDO launch in the second quarter of 2022

2022 Q3 Global community linkage / BSC main online / DAPP online / UP open trading / NFT official website open blind box / NFT open trading

Q4 2022 DAO-based governance / GameFi

2023 Q1 DeFi + NFT + DAO

2023 Q2 Metaverse Ecology

2023 Q3 Developer Conference

2023 Q4 Joint head NFT to build NFT metaverse

2024 Global Ecology Expansion










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