Neorder DAO, a SocialFi Under the Governance of DAO



The rapid development of the Internet has connected the world into a “Global Village”, and our social way is also evolving from previous letters to mobile text messages, and then to today’s social platforms such as WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook. According to the 2020 data report, the total number of active users of social media in 2019 was 3.484 billion. People spend 2 hours and 23 minutes browsing and transmitting information on social media every day, which is still growing this year.


However, in the era of Web 2.0 monopolized by these giants, the information and data generated by our every move on the traditional social platform are controlled by the giant companies, but the value brought by these data is used or even sold by them, and users have no way (unless they don’t use the Internet).


With the advent of blockchain technology, from Bitcoin to Metaverse and the gradual development of Web 3.0, blockchain makes everything possible. From DeFi, NFT to GameFi, blockchain technology seeks application landing, and new outlets continue to emerge. In Web3 0, one of the most prominent pillars of the modern Internet – social network, combined with DeFi, the activity and rise of SocialFi track.


What is Web 3.0 exactly?



Simply speaking, Web 3.0 will be a new network system with features such as decentralization, openness, intelligence, and high value addition, with all the interactive features of Web 2.0, and more powerful. In the industry’s prediction, Web3.0 collects blockchain, AI, AR, VR and other technologies that can decentralize almost all applications to give users absolute privacy and open Internet space; and allow the value in the network to move between anyone.


As a representative of the next-generation Internet innovation model, Web3.0 is the base layer of blockchain technology application development, which combines cryptocurrency, blockchain and other product logic of sharing economics, among which DeFi, GameFi and NFT are the hot trends in the past two years. In contrast, SocialFi uses the decentralized native mechanism of blockchain to replace the “centralized data storage” and “intermediary” solutions of the Web2.0 era with value symbiosis, returning rights and interests to individuals, users, and consumers. SocialFi is one of the most promising growth points of Web3.0, and is worth exploring.


Web3.0 is the value of personal data sovereignty, which coincides with SocialFi’s philosophy – SocialFi wants creative individuals to have more revenue rights. Therefore, we can see SocialFi as a road to Web3.0, at least creators can see the landscape of Web3.0 in advance.


What is SocialFi?


SocialFi is not a new concept, with the earliest SocialFi projects dating back to 2017 or earlier. However, the development of new technologies and tools, including DeFi, NFT, and DAO, has expanded the potential for growth in this area.


SocialFi=Social+DeFi, i.e. socialized finance, which provides a new way for social capital to be liquidized, to tokenize, financialize and DeFi the social influence, so that everyone can get benefits by manifesting their value. As more individuals benefit from such a self-consistent economic system, the value ecology of SocialFi will further develop and expand, gradually establishing a more imaginative and complete ecology of influencer communities and creator economies.


Compared with GameFi, SocialFi faces a wider range of people and circles. A person may not be a gamer, but he must be using social applications. Obviously, social has been deeply embedded in everyone’s life. Now we have been able to see the direction of SocialFi with a richer perspective and build more imaginative protocols.




Neorder DAO: Building the Next Frontier of Web 3.0 Social

Web 3.0 era, whether it is Metaverse as the foundation for every digital citizen to have their own belonging, or DAO can make the form of organization structure more fair, efficient and decentralized. Or SocialFi makes every socialization and communication profitable, which essentially changes the path of the world development, and truly achieves Code is law, planning the new world order with blockchain as the underlying economic structure.


Neorder DAO is such a decentralized autonomous organization, with the mission to establish a new order for all digital immigrants in the era of Web 3.0 in social, communication and advertising, returning the value of peer-to-peer and node communication achievements that should be created by all Internet users, allowing users to enjoy the dividends of the traffic they create, and have a beautiful new world transformed and built by the hands of all people. Neorder will issue the identity and governance token N3DR, and capture the value created by the mass communication of this social experiment.


In the Neorder DAO ecosystem, all economic activities are carried out openly and transparently, thus allowing for more ways and models to be developed. While traditional social platform companies turn the content contributed by users into their own profits, the users themselves who spend a lot of time and effort do not receive any direct rewards, Neorder DAO turns users into direct beneficiaries who can get the same value of incentives for their efforts or time. Therefore, Neorder DAO is a demonstration of individual value. Only by empowering the creative content and social influence of a single person can more individuals gain benefits in the economic system of creators, and the value ecology of Neorder DAO can be developed and expanded.


The Internet social products in the Web 3.0 era have seen huge improvements in terms of privacy and security, freedom and convenience, as well as user volume. With the advancement of blockchain technology and the change of application hotspots, SocialFi encrypted social gradually becomes the strong demand of Web 3.0, SocialFi is actually the combination of Social and Finance, which will open a new way of social interaction. Influence provides rewards and benefits for users, who own the revenue of creation in the platform, and the creation in the platform will not be monopolized and exploited by the platform. Secondly, compared with the simple blockchain + social, Neorder DAO emphasizes more on the attributes of DeFi. Once again, Neorder DAO has various forms of mining, including social mining, content mining, yield farming, etc.


Neorder DAO value ecosystem

Neorder DAO is a vast ecosystem of all the trends we already know, a symbiosis of social networks and blockchain technology, in line with the idea of Web 3.0. Neorder DAO brings together a large number of people to communicate in digital form, which is the main component of today’s modern Internet – the -social networks. In the Neorder DAO sphere, users can benefit from their social activities, content creation, participation in DAO governance, NFT minting, exchange, entertainment, games and recreation.


As a firm practitioner of Web3.0, NeorderDAO will only distribute, govern, design the transaction mechanism, as well as develop and deploy smart contracts, and all tokens will be used for better experimental results and community and user experience. All rights will be returned to the DAO organization, NeorderDAO will not unlock investment rounds, the initiator does not hold the original Token, all Tokens are used for LP supply and user behavior incentives, etc.


Currently, practitioners in the crypto industry are placing higher expectations on Web 3.0, expecting it to break the monopoly of the traditional Internet giants and create a new world of freedom. The trend we are about to witness is that — the Internet will evolve with the needs and usage of users, and ultimately return to them.


With the development of DeFi, more market hotspots have been discovered, and users in the crypto industry have a clearer and deeper understanding of Web3.0 and the concept of decentralization, and NeorderDAO, which has a broader radiation surface and can further continue this ideology after GameFi, is expected to become the new frontier of the Web3.0 concept.