Throwing millions of dollars in airdrops, DEFI rookie BlackHoleDAO gave much more than its predecessors Uniswap!

We all know that miracles are not lacking in the entire cryptocurrency market. The returns of dozens and hundreds of times are often staged around us. We are always impressed by the luck and investment ability of these friends. In addition, there is a group of friends that we envy even more, relying on their diligent and skillful investment ability, they have quietly added various valuable crypto assets to their wallets. From Uniswap in 2020, 1inch, to dydx, ENS in 2021, etc., these projects have made many people rich passively. Today, I will bring you a project called BlackHoleDAO that airdrops real money.

Throwing millions of dollars in airdrops, DEFI rookie BlackHoleDAO gave much more than its predecessors Uniswap!

BlackHoleDAO has launched a BUSD+BHO airdrop activity for users. For details, please refer to:

1What is BlackHoleDAO?

BlackHoleDAO is a decentralized asset management Protocol based on DAO governance. A completely new standard model is built on the DeFi3.0 basis, which is called “BlackHole DAO Protocol”. BHDP burning mechanism uses the traditional stock market breakup and merger principles to solve the imbalance between high inflation and deflation, so DAOs credit lending service is introduced. It is simply understood as an asset management service agreement, which includes split and merge functions and it also provides unsecured credit loan services based on the agreement itself.

It is no stranger to Olympus DAO DEFI players. This is a major progress and innovation of DEFI. BlackHoleDAO can be regarded as an upgraded version of Olympus on the BSC chain, which effectively avoids the previous infinite inflation problem.

2、Compared with DEFI3.0, the advantages of BlackHoleDAO

Throwing millions of dollars in airdrops, DEFI rookie BlackHoleDAO gave much more than its predecessors Uniswap!

After Olympus DAO, there have been many DEFI iteration projects. These projects called DEFI3.0 are basically the same, and they all claim to be fair and transparent. The advantages that make BlackHoleDAO different are that there are no pre-mined tokens, no private public offering, no VC, no team share, and burning mechanism of selling and buying tokens. Token buying and selling are generally more than 10% burning ratio. Some of the burned tokens are distributed to the current token holders, some are automatically sold to add LP, and the rest goes into the project Treasury (value support). And users will also enjoy compound interest by holding currency dividends. The money in the project Treasury will be returned to the currency holder through the project’s participation in Staking.

Multi-Chain Capital ($MCC) provides Farming as a service to users. It uses specialized and cross-chain diversified Farming strategies to obtain higher returns, and returns profits to token holders to help ordinary Investors get better returns in the DeFi ecosystem.

The public chains involved include Fantom, Avalanch, BSC, Polygon and Etherum. The main investment strategies are: 1. Stable token Farming 2. Farming with the lowest possible free loss 3. Farming focusing on compound interest

Cross Chain Farming ($CCF) will build a portfolio and the benefits will be airdropped to token holders in the form of BNB. In addition, the protocol will establish its own Launchpad to analyze and censor the online projects to ensure user safety, which token holders will have the opportunity to participate in.

Empire Capital Token ($ECC) Farming, this Protocol will invest in start-up Cefi companies, putting funds into the IPO through a company registered in New Zealand.

BlackHoleDAO ($BHO) has a bunch of great innovations in addition to Farming as its basic earning function. Added VC-Pool, Transaction tax, Donation Pool, Black Hole Reactor, DAOs Ranking and other building blocks, each with its own clear purpose. The Protocols rely on each other and create an open and highly composable asset management reserve protocol facility. Users can do whatever they want in VC-Pool! Donation Pool users can complete honor empowerment, Black Hole Reactor will give a final reward to loyal users ($100 million in equal shares), and DAOs community users can earn corresponding benefits according to their abilities.


With the development of the crypto industry, the threshold for users to participate in DeFi is getting lower and lower. DeFi 3.0 improves the income of ordinary investors in Farming and returns the profits to token holders. To a certain extent, DeFi 3.0 lowers the threshold for ordinary investors to enter the DeFi ecosystem for profit, which has practical significance.

It should be noted that the market’s attention to DeFi 3.0 has just begun. Whether Farming will be used as the basic income function of DeFi 3.0 in the future, and whether the multi-module asset reserve protocol will open a new era? Market validation is also required.




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