Completing an important ecological footprint, the MSA Foundation is incorporated in the US

On 12 February 2022, the Meta Space Alliance Foundation (MSA Foundation) was incorporated in North America to complement the last ecological footprint of the MSA Meta Space Alliance and to take full responsibility for the MSA’s global operations and outreach. The Foundation is focused on the meta-universe related industries and its business and development path is decided by a vote of the MSA DAO, to whom the Foundation team is elected and accountable, with a rotating CEO.

In addition to the immediate impact of the new crown epidemic, which has now killed millions of people since 2020, it has slowed, suspended and even reversed hard-won progress in global health and development. As the new crown pandemic enters its third year, all aspects of the global economy, society and even politics have been affected by the epidemic to varying degrees.

In 2021, with Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement of Facebook’s name change to Meta-Universe, a wave of “Meta-Universe” was set off around the world, signalling the opening of the doors to the world of Meta-Universe. As one of the few new fields that are developing rapidly under the new epidemic, the metaverse is gradually being mystified by the development of blockchain & Web 3.0 technologies, and the MSA Foundation’s establishment and development exploration route are closely related to the metaverse.


The Meta Space Alliance Foundation (MSA Foundation) is a North American foundation wholly owned by Atlantic Ecology Co. It also provides financial and technical support for the development, maintenance and operation of blockchain technology, ecosystem, etc. The Foundation also holds dual financial licenses from MSB and NFA.

The MSA Foundation is deeply involved in the blockchain & metaverse sector, following the footsteps of the new century technology and focusing on the incubation of the metaverse accelerator META SPACE CAPSULE (Metaverse Capsule), which is solely responsible for the promotion and operation of the META SPACE CAPSULE Global Space Alliance program. as the supreme authority, is governed by a voting mechanism.

The development of the metaverse is gradual and is supported by shared infrastructure, standards and protocols, and is ultimately shaped by the convergence and evolution of many tools and platforms. the MSA Foundation, once incorporated, will work with MSA Labs and MSA DAO to form a metaverse technology consortium to accelerate the application and technological awakening of the metaverse.

Based on the dual development opportunities of the digital economy and the metaverse wave, MSA Foundation will collaborate with various ecological parties to create a new metaverse ecology that blurs the boundaries between reality and virtual, greatly promoting productivity and truly pushing the digital economy to a new dimension, and linking the global metaverse ecology through the construction of the META SPACE CAPSULE network system of global space devices, accelerating the arrival of the metaverse era and exploring new value areas and industrial chains.