Introducing DAMN’s SecretBox

Secure, easy-to-use multichain wallet powered by DAMNCool Ecosystem

Introducing DAMN's SecretBox

DAMNCool is building a revolutionary AI-powered DeFi ecosystem, to help users manage their on-chain cryptoassets at ease, and get high yield returns through our intelligent AI yield aggregator.

By creating an ecosystem that links DEX, NFT marketplace, yield aggregator and mobile app altogether, providing you the best one-stop asset management service in the blockchain world.

One of the most important products in our ecosystem is our wallet app – SecretBox.

SecretBox is an easy-to-use, secure and versatile multi-chain wallet dedicated to providing the perfect cryptoasset management tool for users exploring the blockchain world, offering you an one-of-a-kind perfect cryptoassets management solution.

Introducing DAMN's SecretBox

With SecretBox, you can securely create and import wallets, conveniently transfer funds and receive payments, and with the support of ERC20, ERC721 and ERC1155, you can also manage every one of your NFT assets.

SecretBox also have a neat dApp browers built-in, so you can easily and quickly interact with any dApp you want, or discover more popular dApps in the crypto world.

SecretBox aims to be the best cryptoasset management tool by providing users with a secure, reliable and easy-to-use crypto wallet:

Multi-chain supported wallet:

– Create, import and view on-chain wallets

– Check the balance, transaction history and other details of the wallet – Transfer, receive various cryptoassets

– Manage NFT assets – Support various tokens (ETH/BNB/HT etc.)

dApp browser:

– Multi-chain supported

– Recommend popular dApps

– Fast and easy access to various dApps

News section:

SecretBox also provides users with a “News” section to catch up with everything that’s happening in the crypto world.

DAMN Ecosystem integration:

The wallet will also be deeply integrated with other products in the DAMN ecosystem. You’ll be able to access and use DAMN’s NFT marketplace, yield aggregator, swap and zap with ease.

With the rapid growth of the DAMNCool ecosystem, SecretBox has also been used and trusted by thousands of users around the world. According to our data, even some of the SHIB’s early “whale” investors is using our wallet to store their assets.

We strive to become the best wallet app on the market, and keep giving the best experience to our users.

Download SecretBox now:


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