How does GameFi+DEFI drive the blockchain games industry upgrade?

If 2020 is the first year of DeFi outbreak, then 2021 is undoubtedly the first year of GameFi blockchain games outbreak. According to DappRadar’s statistics, on April 18th, 2021, the number of transactions in the blockchain games sector was as high as 480.7 billion dollars. As of July 31st, the number of users in the blockchain games sector exceeded 780,000, an increase of more than 170 times compared with the beginning of the year, and the number of daily active wallets in GameFi increased by 700% from March to July. As of July 30, 2021, the blockchain games market attracted nearly 1 billion dollars in investment, while the total amount in 2020 was 72 million dollars.


What is the relationship between DeFi and GameFi?

GameFi, that is, Game Finance, means adding financial play to the game world, or the core mode is called Play to Earn, which is essentially a capital game. GameFi focuses on playing games, while DeFi focuses on mining. In GameFi, the mining process in DeFi is replaced by games. Capital is not a necessary condition, but time and energy are the key conditions to benefit. By playing with those characters and props, users can earn money by winning complex game levels and strategies. Compared with mining, this path is much longer, so the project will have a longer life cycle. If the economic model and gameplay of the game itself are designed to be more mature and perfect, the life of the game will be prolonged.

However, looking at the GameFi games on the market at present, most of them pay too much attention to the financial attributes of the games, but ignore the essence of the games, which is not interesting at all. Whether the essence of GameFi game is to play or to make money, or how to make a beneficial combination between playing and making money, has aroused the thinking of the whole industry.

In view of this, the Glacier Network game creation team believes that the essence of the game lies in the fun and creativity of the game. The combination of DEFI+GameFi+NFT will greatly improve the playability in the game and bring more benefits to the players.


Glacier Network creates a new generation of GameFi platform, which enhances the ultimate experience of players Play to earn.

Glacier Network is a new generation GameFi platform, which is dedicated to creating a meta-universe belonging to GameFi. In this meta-universe world combining reality and virtuality, everyone can create their own characters, create their own game props, use land resources and build their own game empire, all of which will be based on NFT technology to ensure that the value assets created by each game player are successfully locked and unique. And every player can get paid by participating in the NFT trading platform and trading NFT assets, and players can also get token rewards in the game, which can help you expand your business map in the meta-universe, link with reality, and convert tokens into money for real life. Everyone here is the creator of NFT and the producer of GameFi game world content.


DEFI empowers GameFi to drive product upgrades.

Glacier Network innovatively applies DEFI throughout GameFi. Glacier Network has established a unique infrastructure on DeFi’s ecosystem and combined it with games through NFT technology. On the infrastructure of GameFi of Glacier Network, through mobile pool, mobile mining and NFT, users can find the best profit strategy of mobile mining, and NFT with many unique game functions will be forged, which will provide users with the best game experience. While satisfying the interest and experience of the game, the benefits of the game are improved to the extreme.

Glacier Network’s meta-universe based on GameFi is full of imagination. The future of GameFi should be the integration of creativity, fun, sociality and the interaction between virtual and reality. Glacier Network can improve players’ immersive experience in the game by creating GameFi meta-universe, so that every player can become a participant and producer of the whole game. Meanwhile, players can get more benefits by participating in DEFI liquidity mining in Glacier Network ecology, and meet the real-world capital needs in the virtual world.

Blockchain games are at a crossroads. The rise of available technologies makes it easier for developers to integrate blockchain technology into games, and helps players get a better user experience. It can be seen that in the future GameFi field, the current value logic will be rewritten, and new giants will rise with the trend. The driving force behind the new round of blockchain games world will be the geometrically optimal solution of GameFi financial game . In this process, Glacier Network optimizes technology, iterates mode and innovates gameplay, which is expected to become a dark horse in the future GameFi field and bring more possibilities for GameFi in the future.