Youkey Public Link Global No de Campaign poll officially opened on May 8 , 2 0 2 1

The Youkey Public Link No de campaign poll officially opened on 8 May 2 0 2 1 , with the No de poll participating in the youkeyDAPP decentralized Wal let .The node voting will run for 10 public chain nodes , with a voting cycle of 30 days .The whole voting process is conducted by a smart contract system to ensure a fair notarization of the voting .

Youkey public chain , as the public chain of a new generation of comprehensive functions , is a meaningful proof of work mechanism based on trusted execution environment technology , EVM re implements the new E there um virtual machine , multi – node deployment , Libp2p is used as the network layer of IPFS .YKcoin can map assets such as ETH、BTC、 stable currency to the YKCOIN, implementation across the chain bridge to generate a corresponding number of Token. in YKCOIN after locking a certain number of assets on the source chain

The functions and application scenarios of Youkey public chain are very broad , with high technical value and use value . The launch of this open node voting campaign has attracted wide attention from the market , and fierce competition , with a large number of institutions and capital participation around the world .


After the successful node campaign, Youkey public chain will launch several phenomenal applications, YKswap will be in the DEX track and realize multi-chain cross-chain applications through the cross-chain bridge.