Zelator sharing matrix is strong

2020 is a turbulent year, for the currency circle, the project circle is very, countless people fell before the bull market, today, a new decentralization of the global sharing matrix project, a decentralization of the divine wave field matrix appeared! Zelator, comes, strong and born.

Zelator is the international community of the global decentralized ecosystem and the first ever intelligent contract marketing matrix of the Tron network, developed by a group of network technology geeks and block chain community enthusiasts, without project parties. No manager behind the scenes, all data chain storage. The system can operate by itself only if the intelligent contract and algorithm are deployed. All transactions are carried out on the chain ,100% open source ,100% fair, free from any or third party control, and all project matrix fission 100% profit.

Zelator sharing matrix is strong

Zelator wave field marketing 100% dispersion plan is strictly in accordance with the established work, there is no possibility of tampering. Smart contracts All logical code is placed on the block chain, and all calculations are carried out by millions of computers around the world. This ensures that there is no risk of hackers attacking smart contracts and stopping projects. Because he is scattered on the block chain.

Zelator design always follows the following core principles:

– User experience first

– Performance priority

– adherence to open standards

– Built-in circular incentive mechanism to establish a long-term development model for digital finance

Platform to the new future, new mechanisms, new services as an opportunity, with a strong a strong posture, Zelator firmly believe that only really for the sake of users, always adhere to the user’s point of view, try to protect the rights and interests of users can go further.

Zelator five guarantees of smart contracts:

  1. wave field smart contract address, capital security and transparency

Automatic operation on 2. chain, stable, efficient and fast

  1. data can not be tampered with, data is impeccable

Full decentralization of 4., no problem with policy regulation

  1. Global Alliance program, team fission quickly

Zelator sharing matrix is strong

Zelator intelligent contract investment mode is not restricted by the central operation plan, open source on the chain, free access to gold, any investor can withdraw from the realization at any time, no pledge risk, absolutely safe!

In the future, Zelator will incubate the digital asset finance ecology one after another, at the same time continuously incubate the whole industry chain on the trading platform, middle and downstream, Zelator the intelligent contract to continue to exert its efficiency, enable the block chain value circulation, and shape the new pattern of the global digital asset market.

Zelator, a new decentralized global shared matrix project, look forward to your participation!