• Robinhood Hires Ex-Google Exec as Its First Chief Product Officer Robinhood Hires Ex-Google Exec as Its First Chief Product Officer
  • French Firm Launches Euro Stablecoin With Monthly Attestations From PwC French Firm Launches Euro Stablecoin With Monthly Attestations From PwC
  • Nature Dao, a crypto-era natural UN is on the rise

    The Metaverse has brought endless imagination to the encryption industry, and it has also really promoted the development of the industry. As the natural organizational structure of blockchain participants, DAO has an unparalleled fit with the blockchain. At the end of 2021, institutionDAO launched a crowdfunding auction for the governance token people, a copy of the U.S. Constitution, which set off an industry frenzy and quickly went out of the circle; at the same time, the profile of the official Twitter @sequoia of Sequoia Capital, the world’s top venture capital…

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  • METASUMERU participated in the NFT GAMEFI Metaverse 2022 Annual Summit

    The NFT, gamefi, metaverse summit, jointly organized by AC Capital, CoinVoice, Asia Token Fund & Block Tides, will be held on May 1 at Cove Manila, the largest indoor beach club in the Philippine Capital Region, and will be the biggest metaverse-themed summit ever held in Southeast Asia. Over 1,000 attendees are expected to be on hand to participate in the various themed sessions.   METASUMERU is happy to join AFKDAO, Arcus Game, BabyShark BubbleFong Friends, CoinEx, Covenant Child, Crypto.com Capital, Gala Games, Kaloscope, Magnus Capital, Mecha Morphing and more…

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  • Coinbetter: The UST death spiral is approaching, where is the future of algorithmic stablecoins?

    On May 10, Bitcoin accelerated its downward trend, falling below $30,000 at one point, and the lowest dropped to $29,767, a new low since July 19, 2021. As of writing, the price has rebounded, and the current price is $31,486.43.     In addition to the market, the algorithmic stable currency UST has won the attention of the market. On May 10, UST was seriously de-anchored and once fell to 0.6090 USDT; according to the Coinbetter data, it is now reported at 0.7968 USDT, with a 24H decline of 12.2%….

  • NeorderDAO governance token N3DR Pumping up over 2200% on the first day of launch

    If social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Tiktok, YouTube, Instagram is an essential innovation of Web 2.0, then into the wave of Web 3.0, SocialFi will become the basic logic of the overall value network. NeorderDAO is a decentralized autonomous organization that helps people reclaim their discourse under the trend of Web 3.0 and return the benefits of technological development taken by  companies, organizations and governments in Web 2.0. Its official website Neorder.io was launched on May 5th at 13:00 UTC, with the opening of three core functions: FomoTrading, Central…

  • Andre Cronje (AC) Announces Leaving, Who Will Carry the DeFi Development Banner

    After DeFi’s life Andre Cronje (AC) announced his quit of  DeFi and crypto, “APY addiction” has made DeFi’s “Money Lego” more like a “Ponzi scheme”. No one knows the future development of DeFi, but this quit lets us reflect on what can be called sustainable and valuable DeFi? Perhaps, AC’s quit will be another turning point in the DeFi development. 1. What is the problem with DeFi? What is the future development of DeFi? [APY Addiction] Under the leadership of AC, the key contributor to the start of the DeFi…

  • Grayscale, New Grayscale Luna and Decentralized Grayscale Blackhole DAO: A Revolution Battle for the DeFi World

    The Matthew effect is increasingly dominant in the traditional financial world as revealed by Credit Suisse’s Global Wealth Report 2021.   The gap between the rich and the poor continues to rise sharply around the globe and the richest 10% command 82% of the world’s wealth, with the richest 1% even grasping nearly half of the number (45%).   Wealth and vertical social mobility have become even more faraway dreams for all grassroots. Be it top investment organizations in the traditional financial sector such as Sequoia Capital, Blackstone, BlackRock and Buffett’s…

  • OverDogeMoon ready to launch! Destination: The Moon!

    Gathering all the talents in Binance Smart Chain, with only one goal in mind, to create the age for Doge, to reach the moon, and conquer the Binance Smart Chain!   There are a lot of Doge Token said they are going to moon, but how many of them really did it? If you are giving up, look at the sky, and you will see the OverDogeMoon are on the way to moon! Mark the date, 22nd April, OverDogeMoon presale on PinkSale! OverDogeMoon have done all the preparation to moon!…

  • MASK DAO, the next phenomenal decentralized organization after ConstitutionDAO

    The Mask Word decentralized social networking protocol will allow users to own and control their social graph, while avoiding fragmentation among current social network providers and creating an open ecosystem for web participants. The Mask Word team came up with a protocol that uses smart contracts to write and read social network data on a public blockchain. The protocol which defines how identity, social graphs, and messaging elements are represented to create decentralized social networks. The applicable aspects of ownership, privacy, authenticity, portability, usability, and scalability are handled for each elements….

  • Neorder DAO, a SocialFi Under the Governance of DAO

      The rapid development of the Internet has connected the world into a “Global Village”, and our social way is also evolving from previous letters to mobile text messages, and then to today’s social platforms such as WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook. According to the 2020 data report, the total number of active users of social media in 2019 was 3.484 billion. People spend 2 hours and 23 minutes browsing and transmitting information on social media every day, which is still growing this year.   However, in the era of Web…

  • BlackHoleDAO Is Taking Part In The Interpretation Of New Defi3.0

    1、What Is the BlackHoleDAO protocol? BlackHoleDAO is a decentralized asset management protocol based on the governance of DAOs. An entirely new standardized framework entitled BHDP is built on basis of DeFi3.0. The burning mechanism of this BHDP uses the standard stock market merging and splitting approach to handling the market’s imbalance between strong inflation and deflation. The DAO’s credit-based lending service also becomes operational. Features: The BlackHoleDAO protocol’s primary concept is to mint extra tokens by the smart contract’s base tokens. In the following aspects, it is unique. Ecology’s Responsiveness…

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